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Over motivation

In this journey together consider me your bestie in mindset, food and movement! And as any bestie would, all I want is to help you achieve your goals and RISE to the occasion.
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Meal plan

A custom-made meal plan, tasty and easy to prepare that gives you the nourishment you need.

Training plan

A fully customized training program created to reach your goals, based on your experience and to fit your lifestyle.

1:1 support

With support from me directly through my app, I’ll be there every step of the way, answering any questions you have and offering lot’s of tips and motivation to see you through!


With weekly check ins, I'm able to monitor your progress. This feature allows me to make the right adjustments along the way in accordance with your goals.

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with Aundria

My name is Aundria Jolivette and I’m a devoted coach that helps improve ladies lives, while guiding them to RISE to their fullest potential.

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Hey love,

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Your journey with me starts with your mindset and is accompanied by small consistent daily habits. When applied with discipline, it’s these very habits that will transform your world.


We Rise